Sunday 25 November 2018

Forever Lovely Pocket Card Tutorial

Since showing a selection of cards that I made for OnStage Auckland this month, I've been asked a few times about how I made the pocket card for avid card-makers.

I made it up as I went, so it might well be that someone comes up with a more efficient way to do it but this is what I did.

The Pocket

  1. Choose your base colour. Cut the card so you end up with two pieces 14.8cm x 21 cm. 
  2. Score both along the wider edge at 10.5 cm - you will have two standard card bases.
  3. Designate one as the left flap and one as the right flap. Measure up 4cm from the bottom of each of the flap sides and cut diagonally to the score line.
  4. Glue the two centre rectangles together to make one double-thickness back. You can fudge a mm or two here to give your insert a bit more space, if you want, Experiment.
  5. Optional - add some DSP to the centre back for contrast. Much easier to do at this stage! Put some tape and tear cross the bottom and fold over the left hand flap. 
  6. Cut a square of DSP 14 cm x 14cm then cut it into two right-angle triangles.
  7. Adhere one to front of the left-hand flap. You will need to trim off the excess where the card front triangle has been shortened.
  8. Add some more tape and tear across the bottom of  DSP'd left hand side, then fold over the right hand side. Add the other triangle of DSP, trimming the end as necessary.

The Belly Band

The belly band is entirely decorative in this card since the flaps and bottom are sealed. However, I think a pretty variation would be to leave them to open out once the belly band is removed.

You can decorate this as you like but this is what I did.
  1. Cut a strip of Whisper White 4cmx25cm. Run it through the Big Shot using the Subtle embossing folder. If you organise it right, the 'join' will be on the fold as it goes around.
  2. Overlap the ends and adhere them together.
  3. Add a length of 3.2mm Flirty Flamingo ribbon.
  4. Stamp two roses in Flirty Flamingo. Give them a layer of clear Wink of Stella. 
  5. Die cut the roses and some foliage in Soft Sea Foam. 
  6. Arrange and adhere to the belly band.

The Insert

Again, decorate this as you wish. This is what I did.
  1. Take two pieces of Whisper White, 10x14cm.
  2. Die cut one of them, at the top, using the floral fretwork die.
  3. On the other, stamp the two-step floral spray. Don't stamp right at the very top. Stamparatus is great for this.
  4. Add in your chosen greeting using versamark and gold embossing powder.
  5. Line up the fretwork die cut over the stamping. Adhere the two layers together and trim to the desired length. (The die cut layer will naturally be longer.)
  6. Punch a small (1 3/8") circle out of Soft Sea Foam and attach it as a tab. Add a small gold library clip. 
  7.  READ THIS BIT ONLY IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE getting the die-cut layer and the stamped layer to line up without a bit of overhang at sides near the bottom. I found it helpful to lay the die cut in Stamparatus, then lay the flower stamps on top of it, face down and then bring the Stamparatus plate down and pick them up. If you put the card to be stamped in the same place you had the die cut, lining up is easier at the end because you've custom positioned the stamps to the die cut. The key is making sure you've marked where the die cut piece was and make sure you put the piece to be stamped in exactly the same spot.
I hope you enjoy making one of these. If you do, I'd love to see a picture of how it turned out. 


  1. I come to your blog to leave my comment about your post on my blog, but saw this absolutely beautiful card and just have to comment on it. It is lovely. I have looked at that stamp set in the catalog and thought naw! but I must order it before midnight. Thank you.
    Now my comment. Thank you so much Jan for taking time (time is precious) to stop by and leave such an encouraging comment. Hope you have occasion to stop again. Shirley Gentry

  2. When I first looked at this I thought it was the stamp set Floral Phrases, but realize after posting it is Forever Lovely and I will just have to wait until Dec. 5 to order. Let the time slip by and didn't get ordered during pre-ordering. Again thank you for this card. It will definitely be CAS(E)d