Friday 2 November 2018

As You See It 188 - Design Team Card

I'm feeling very happy with this week's challenge because the As You See It Speed Challenge is my favourite! That's because when I first discovered this challenge, it was a speed challenge and I'd never encountered such a thing before. They don't happen often but they're fun.

So this time, it's a Shades of Red Speed Challenge.

Here's how it works. You have to make a card, using only shades of red, in UNDER TEN MINUTES.
Thinking time isn't counted and you can have your stamps and gear assembled but the clock starts the moment you cut your first piece of card or ink your first stamp.

So, this card was done in 8 minutes, 56 seconds.

The very morning I set out to do this challenge, I got a box of goodies which included this set, Dashing Deer. I couldn't wait to play with it. Isn't that patterned deer just gorgeous?

This is such a quick Christmas card to make and pretty with it.

What will you do for your Shades of Red, Under Ten Minute card? We'd love you to show us what you do. You can play along with the As You See It team up until Wednesday 14 November.

If you live anywhere in New Zealand and don't have a Stampin' Up demonstrator, I'd love to help you with ideas and Stampin' Up products. Please message me through my Facebook page, linked in the sidebar of this blog or leave a comment below. 

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  1. Did you really make this card in under 10 minutes?! It's gorgeous Jan, I love it! Well done :)

  2. Jan, posting here also because don't know if comments I make on a post you make notifies you.
    Ooop! Did I miss doing something? Guess I need to read more carefully. It probably took me 20-30 minutes to make as my left arm is in a sling and it was a bit difficult to hold the paper to cut the top part. Promise to be more careful next time. Thanks you so much for taking the time to let me know I had omitted a step. It is truly appreciated. I will go read the challenge again and be more careful from now on. I think I saw the red and that was it. Hope posting to you is ok, I didn't know where to add any place else.


    1. Thanks, Shirley. I'm not notified. I'll reply to you on your blog.

  3. Thank Jan for your reply. I will definitely play again.