Join my team

If you live anywhere in New Zealand, you can join my team.

Here's seven reasons why joining me would be good for you.

1. Discounts on your stamping supplies

Demonstrators immediately save 20% on orders. Later, you can save 25% or even more.

2. The Starter Kit

When you join up, you get to choose your starter kit. You choose $285 worth of items from the catalogue but you pay only $189. These can be any items you want. In addition, you will receive business items, such as catalogues to give away, as part of the deal.

3. Early access to each new catalogue

Demonstrators can order from new catalogues for about a month before they are open to non-demonstrators. You get to play with new things first!

4. Access to the Demonstrator community

Stampin' Up hold regional, national and international events that Demonstrators can attend. Get to know, and craft with, people from all over while you learn new tips and play with new products. In addition to live events, there are a number of vibrant Demonstrator-only online communities you'll be able to join.

5. Being part of my team

I'm always available to help or to answer your questions. Whatever you want to do with your Demonstratorship, I'll do all I can to help you do it. Also, we get together a few times a year for some team training, crafting together and some laughs.

6. Do things your own way

Make being a demonstrator whatever you want it to be. If you want to join up as a way of getting more for your crafting money - great. You are under no obligation to run classes or events.

If you want to use your Demonstratorship as a way of making extra money by selling craft items to others, then the sky's the limit on how you do that. Classes, events, YouTube..... it's up to you.

7. Minimal Obligation

There is a minimum sales requirement for each quarter of the year to retain your status as an active demonstrator. This is around $550 retail price. However, you can drop out at any time without penalty.

If you are interested in joining me


Email me - - if you'd like to discuss it some more.


If you're ready to join up, you can sign up online here.

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