Classes and Events

Regular Monthly Groups

I have four groups that meet monthly - three evenings and one afternoon. We make two projects. While these classes are generally fully subscribed, don't be put off enquiring because:
  • vacancies do occur
  • last minute cancellations occur
  • if there is sufficient interest, I'll open a new time slot.

Sunday Specials

Once a month, usually on the last Sunday, I offer an afternoon class for avid card makers. This class is either theme based, product based or is a technique showcase. When these are oversubscribed, I repeat them.

In these classes, we make three projects. 

If you'd like to know about these, please ask to join my email newsletter list. Don't worry - I won't inundate you - just once a month with news.

Girls' (or Guys') Night In

If you have a small group of friends and you'd like something a bit different to do you could organise a Night In. You provide the nibbles and drinks but I'll come and help you make a couple of cards. Your place or mine. Cost depends on the number of projects and their complexity. Maximum of 6 people. As an indication, two projects would be $15-20 a person.

Private Classes

If you're visiting from out of town, or maybe you'd just like to get a couple of friends together to give card making a try, you can organise a private class. Together we'd discuss what you'd like to do and how many projects you want to make. Cost varies with the type and number of projects and the number of participants. As an indication, two projects for 4 people would be $15-18 a person. Minimum number 2, maximum 4.


  1. Can people like me in the US join the Sunday specials???
    Thanks, love your cards!

    1. Michelle, I'd love it if you could join but alas - you have to be in New Zealand. It's so lovely to hear that you like my work. :-)