Saturday 22 June 2019

A Card for a Special Farewell

Recently, a friend of my daughter's left her job of eighteen years to start a new challenge. There was to be a party of current and past friends and colleagues to farewell her. A special card was needed - something pretty and large enough for lots of people to leave messages in.

My daughter and I shared the task of making the card: we designed, she made, I supervised.
It was a bigger than normal card, an A5 size: the front was 21cm tall and 14.7 cm wide.

It tied closed with the lovely natural linen-look ribbon from the Magnolia Lane ribbon combo because it opened out like a book to reveal three writing panels and because the untying of the ribbon would add some more drama to the card and its messages.

This close-up of the card front shows the textures and layers more clearly.

After we'd created such an enormous card, there was then a question of an envelope. As we were designing on the fly, I worked out the dimensions to make a customised lidded box to put it in. 
This is the top of the box.

The party has been and gone. The new job started today. I hear the card and its messages were well received. 😀

One of the many great things about crafting is that you can produce the exact card you want, when you want it. You can customise to your heart's content!

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  1. This is beautiful Jan and so special - and is absolutely why we make cards! Love that it was a joint effort too, what fun!