Wednesday 17 April 2013

Stretching out

Over the summer holidays, I got to thinking that my scrapbooking was starting to get in a rut. So while lolling around at the beach I discovered a site that sold kits: Crazy Monday Scrapbooking. I thought it might be a way to force myself into trying new things. I'd looked over their previous kits and while it was sometimes stuff I wouldn't have bought, I liked it all.

I got my first kit in March and although excited by it, no picture in my pile spoke to me and asked to be put with it. Until recently. The family  photos we took in the back yard before my son went back to university seemed the ones.

I'm really happy with it as it and the kit did exactly what I wanted - it made me look at the page differently. In fact, it took me a long time to do as it turned into one of those pages where I layed out things, moved them by millimetres, moved them back a day later and so on before anything got permanently attached.


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