Monday 6 July 2015

Onesie Baby Cards

A young couple that we know just recently had their third baby girl, five weeks premature. They are lovely people and I wanted a baby card for them. It was then that I realised I had a big gap in my card box! I don't even really have much in the way of baby stamps either but I found this cute little tutorial for a baby onesie card here at Beckie Jensen's Stamp That site, from 2009.

One piece of A4 card is enough for 2 cards and I reckon the next ones will be even better. I embossed  chest down on the second one and I like it better. I also discovered that the Whisper White candy dots look grey when put right next to the white card so used pearls to simulate the snap fasteners on the plainer card.


  1. Your little onsies are so cute and such a clever baby card:) xx

    1. Thanks Karen. They are cute but I pretty much just followed the instructions!

  2. I hardly make baby cards either. There is something about them that stumps me everytime. I think these are so adorable and will definitely put a smile on your friends face. Max was forced to come out 5 weeks early and was very sick and tiny but is now 8 yrs old and a very strapping young lad (he is much taller and way more muscular than any of his friends). I hope your friend and her family and doing well.